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n o w o ś ć
The Ancient Child

A Novel
by N. Scott Momaday
format 135×205, oprawa broszurowa, stron 316, cena 52 zł

This mythical story is the saga of one man's tormented search for his identify. When Locke Setman, a Native American raised far from the reservation by his adoptive father, returns to the tribal land for the funeral of his grandmother, he finds himself drawn to the myth of a boy who turned into a bear. Then he meets a young medicine woman with a visionary gift and his world is turned upside down.

n o w o ś ć
In the Presence of the Sun
Stories and Poems
by N. Scott Momaday
format 155×235, oprawa broszurowa, stron 144, cena 47 zł

This collection of 30 years of work from 1961-1991 by N. Scott Momaday features over 70 poems, 16 newstories about the great tribal shields that delve into the deeper meaning of legend, love, and loss, as well as a striking section devoted to Billy the Kid. The words, poems, and stories are enhanced by Momaday's own line drawing and paintings.

The Man Made of Words
Essays, Stories, Passages
by N. Scott Momaday
format 155×235, oprawa twarda, stron 214, cena 54 zł

N. Scott Momaday has been one of the most resonant voices on the American literary landscape for more than a generation. The Man Made of Words chronicles his own pilgrimage, retelling, through thirty-eight essays, allegorical stories, and autobiographical reminiscences, how he became one of the first recognized Native American writers of this century. By exploring such themes as land, language, and identity. The Man Made of Words fashions a definition of American literature as it has never been interpreted before.
N. Scott Momaday won the Pulitzer Prize for The House Made of Dawn. His other books include: Circle of Wonder: A Native American Christmas Story; In the Presence of the Sun: Stories and Poems; The Ancient Child; and The Way to Rainy Mountain. He lives in New Mexico.
W Polsce ukazały się dwie jego książki. Nagrodzony Pulitzerem Dom utkany ze świtu oraz Imiona (The Names).

n o w o ś ć
The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse
by Louise Erdrich
format 135×235, oprawa broszurowa, stron 361, cena 39 zł

For more than a half century, Father Damien Modeste has served his beloved people, the Ojibwe, on the remote reservation of Little No Horse. Now, nearing the end of his life, Father Damien dreads the discovery of his physical identity, for he is a woman who has lived as a man. To complicate his fears, his quiet life changes when a troubled colleague comes to the reservation to investigate the life of the perplexing, difficult, possibly false saint Sister Leopolda. Father Damien alone knows the strange truth of Sister Leopolda's piety and is faced with the most difficult decision of his life: Should he reveal all he knows and risk everything? Or should he manufacture a protective history though he believes Leopolda's wonder-working is motivated by evil?

n o w o ś ć
The Range Ethernal
by Louise Erdrich
format 255×265, oprawa twarda, całostronicowe kolorowe ilustracje, stron 32, cena 18 zł

In the Turtle Mountains of South Dakota, inside one family's little cabin, stood The Range Eternal. The woodburning stove provided warmth and comfort, delicious soups, and hot potatoes to warm cold hands on frozen winter mornings. It provided a glowing screen for a young girl's imagination, and protection from the howling ice monster in the night. But most of all, it was the true heart of the home - one the girl never knew how much she would miss until it was gone.
Uwaga: książka dla dzieci w wieku 5–9 lat

n o w o ś ć
by Leslie Marmon Silko
format 130×197, oprawa broszurowa, stron 262, cena 49 zł

This is the story of a young Native American returning to his reservation after surviving the horrors of captivity as a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II. Drawn to his Indian past and its traditions, his search for comfort and resolution becomes a ritual - a curative ceremony that defeats his despair.

n o w o ś ć
Gardens in the Dunes

A Novel
by Leslie Marmon Silko
format 155×235, oprawa twarda z obwolutą, stron 479, cena 54 zł

A sweeping, multifaceted tale of a young Native American pulled between the cherished traditions of a heritage on the brink of extinction and an encroaching white culture, Gardens in the Dunes is the powerful story of one woman's quest to reconcile two worlds that are diametrically opposed. At the center of this struggle is Indigo, who is ripped from her tribe by white soldiers who destroy her home and family. Placed in a government school to learn the ways of a white child, Indigo is rescued by the kind-hearted Hattie and her worldly husband, Edward, who undertake to transform this complex, spirited girl into a "proper" young lady. Bit by bit, Indigo bridges the gap between the two forces in her life and teaches her adoptive parents as much as she learns from them.

n o w o ś ć
Black Eagle Child

The Facepoint Narratives
by Ray A Young Bear
format 140×210, oprawa broszurowa, stron 262, cena 34 zł

A classic of Native American literature, Black Eagle Child uses a rich mix of verse, prose narrative, and letters to tell Edgar Bearchild's journey to adulthood, from his childhood delight in Jell-O to his induction into the faith of his elders. Seamlessly mixing tribal memory and the comic events of Bearchild's life, Young Bear's story excels at startling, absurdist juxtapositions of the ancient and modern, expresses bemusement and anger at the strange way of whites, and tells of the strength and vision that comes from his Native tradition.

The Return to the Wisdomkeepers
by Harvey Arden and Steve Wall

format 155×230, stron 304, fotografie czarno-białe, oprawa twarda z obwolutą cena 53 zł
Luminous tale of two journalists who find their lives transformed when they embark on a dramatic "spirit journey" into the fast-disappearing, living wisdom of Native American spiritual elders.